Master of Architecture:

Clemson University

Completed the required professional degree for the intern development program at Clemson University in Clemson South Carolina. Part of the studies there included two full semesters in Genoa Italy at the Charles E. Daniel Center for Urban Studies and Research. The Studies included not only a thesis project, but a full manuscript as well.

Thesis focused on the renovation of Wardlaw Jr. High School in Columbia S.C., the first independent junior high school in S.C. This building is on the National Register of Historic places. The thesis was working with the client, the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, to provide an additional 60,000 square foot of programmed space to the existing 58,000 square foot. The Department of Archives and History worked closely with me to coordinate the programming and layout of the final design.

Bachelor of Arts:

University of New Mexico

Focused on design issues leading towards historic preservation, and the unique qualities of the tri-cultural existence in New Mexico design. Also worked with Design Planning Assistance Center to provide volunteer design assistance for the Zuni Indian Pueblo Council for the renovation and additions to the Zuni Indian Rainbow Nursing home Facilities.

United States Air Force.

Lowry Air Force Base/Kirtland Air Force Base Assisted Engineers in the operating and monitoring of diagnostic systems for the High Energy Plasma Physics Research Facilities at the Air Force Weapons Lab (now the Phillips Lab). Performed research experiments for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) programs.
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