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Mr. Lagomarsino was the Lead Design Manager and Project Architect for the GLOBAL FOUNDRIES semiconductor cleanroom manufacturing facility in Malta New York

This $880 million was the largest privately funded semiconductor FAB project in the U.S. for 2009 and 2010. At completion for all 3 phase it will be $4.5 billion and approximately 4.6 million square feet of manufacturing space. It is also the largest project in the History of New York State.

Phase one contains 290,000sf of clean FAB Ballroom. First FAB facility of this size to be done entirely in Revit BIM production. Many of the production pitfalls and enhancements were shown by this process.

Programming was done in custom built access data bases for automated room book one stop sources for client data. An two way system of database in and out of Revit was being piloted and assisted by myself at M+W Phoenix office.