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Mr. Lagomarsino was the Lead Design Architect on the technicolor Processing Facility

Building Concept

Conceptually a buildings form should be indicative of it’s function. My first thought of forms when presented with the Technicolor design, could easily have been the simple use of colors as in their branding logo. I wanted to look also at the physical characteristics of the end product. Illusions to film, the celluloid base it was captured on and the safe materials today all seem to bring to mind the geared punctuations that allowed photography to enter the 4th dimension by adding motion. Movement being an important part of this feature of the film industry, seemed to our designers an important visual whether it be a literal or illusive presentation of them. I used dark punctures along the lower part of the façade to allude to this form.

I also considered film and its containers. Since Technicolor’s building will contain the manufacturing process, I allude to this containment with a large broad stroke of curved roof canopy across the façade, to define this layering.

Film’s color characteristics, allow it to transparently radiate light through itself. I presented this characteristic with translucent colored glasses eminating from our curved roof. I propose to use an anodized storefront system mounted to the roof canopy backed by black walls. These walls behind would be illuminated to represent the color that comes from the film itself.

I believe this approach to be an appropriate preliminary design solution that engages the function and meaning of Technicolor’s end product and welcome the opportunity to provide design services for you.



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