Project Description


Escape From Hell


Up to that point, my largest painting. Started with 5 lines and divided into parts much like the mind body soul configuration of Plato's world of becoming, this world divided into hell in the blue and the souls escaping into the yellow. The line at the pink and orange and all to the right and below was done on day two. This is purgetory as it doesnt fit with the rest of this paintings world view.

The angled line from left to right is the horizon line shifting because of a changing world view, and a shift in my trust that was tainted by corporate views lacking integrity. A German run company certainly not devoid of puffed up internal politics. The emotions here are also from the stress of leading the countries largest privately funded project, and dealing with bitter internal politics which I would eventually become the fall guy for. The escape is the run from what seems like irrational made up deadlines, created so arbitrarily and by those that know how to discriminate, and how to hurt and suppress integrity. This is what I felt. Some say justice is swift, but only to those with means. I create pure and above this political realm, and so I fall-

I bring this pure naivitae to the table and won't lose it for anyone.




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