Project Description


Opus 27 in Orange Major


This painting is the final painting of the motioned souls moving through the ocean. They now sit at the bottom of teh ocean with eceanic growth covering the industrial finish. Almost called Titanic, which was too cliche, the growth was dark and needed lightening. Aslo representing the end of the cycle of knowledge for the coming end of cooperation with the bad politicing that was happening with my then current employer.

This is the final settling between the first and second phase of the $880 million FAB design project. This is probably the epitome of feelings about this deep recession. I am surprised it wasn't painted long into my job search.

Opus 27 because it was also painted to Howie Day's "Collide". 27 as my 27th painting and the numbered day of my birthday. Orange major because I majored in architecture at Clemson whose colors are Purple and Orange.

The eventual culmination of the art of this emotive descritption of this whole process is seen in the written version, or my book "Confessions in a Crown Vic." It challenges the American Dream and its rationality.

Bad Finances, Opus 27 in Orange Major, Field of Dreams crushed

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