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Dane Smith Hall

Project Description


Dane Smith Hall is the first independent classroom building on the University of New Mexico's campus since 1957. It houses over 90,000 square feet of classroom and lecture hall space with an open atrium central space.

Mr. Lagomarsino was the lead production for the construction document phase of this facility. These images demonstrate the power of iPIX technology to present images in a whole new immersive and interacticve way.

A3Dstudios proposed on a virtual tour of the UNM Campus. The iPIX Images below were used with their permission.

You will need the iPIX Plugin to view the images below. See instructions below for navigation. THESE THREE IMAGES MOVE!!!

To navigate the image:To rotate image click and drag mouse towards the direction you want to move. Move mouse further to the outside of image will track faster, and closer to the center will track slower.
To Zoom the image: Click in center of image, move mouse up to zoom in and down to zoom out.



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