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Ft. Benning Range, Columbus Georgia

Project Description


Mr. Lagomarsino was the Lead Architect for the $21 Million Ft Benning Range which was an interoffice coordination project. As the lead architect he coordinated the other offices design and production for this urban combat training range. During the design Mr. Lagomarsino developmented of a set of standard 3D buildings in ADT 2005 to be used in the production of these repetitively produced facilities. This project was produced concurrently with the Ft Stewart and PAARNG Range projects which enabled great production efficiencies to be introduced.

Mr Lagomarsino saw the need to perfect the charrette process by leveraging technolgical programs like ADT 2005 to show his clients a projects development. With future projects he was able to show more, and earlier on.


This is a short animation for the Fort Benning site. It is a large file and clipped because it is very big originally. so please be patient for the download. I can provide a full version f this if you want to see it.

Click on the site plan to the left to



Typical Police station 3D Elevation.

The use of Architectural Desktop allowed the end user to see the difference between a basement jail and a second floor massing variation as shown here.

Typical Residenc 3D view (developed).

The use of Architectural Desktop also allowed the designers to make decisions about adding a front porch for a market type setting along the urban street. This addition while not completely done on the fly is a great visual addition to schematic design over standard lines archs and circles.


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