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Predator- FY05 AGE Aerospace Ground Equipment

Project Description


Mr. Lagomarsino was the Lead designer for the AGE Facility, overseeing design for this and the GCS Facility. The client wanted all of the facilities to be consistent in design intent and asked specifically for him to review the other designers work.

2005 Air Combat Command Citation Best Complex Design

This 14,000 square foot Aerospace Ground Equipment Facility included Ground equipment offices setup to service the needs of flight line mechanical equipment. An open bay

The project was also a unique blend of production involving the USACOE Albuquerque District as the client administrator for the USAF and the production for the Mechanical, Plumbing and Fire Protection. Merrick provided the other design discipline services including Architecture, Structural, Civil and Electrical.

This Project was produced in Architectural Desktop and exported to Viz Render. Mr. Lagomarsino was instrumental in producing preliminary animations of all three Maintenance facilities due to the use of this innovative database/object oriented modeling tool as an integral part of ACAD 2004. He devised a sytematic means of perfoming Charrettes for the USACOE/USAF in which through the use of Excel and ADT 4.0, the client could see the actual program scope numbers be converted into actual spaces in 3D. Using Desktop and Excel the client stated that the bar had been raised as to the level of "on the fly" changes that could be made for a client during programattic layout and on into schematic and design developments.

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