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PAARNG Range, Fort Indian Town Gap Pennsylvania

Project Description


Mr. Lagomarsino was the Lead Architect for the PAARNG Range which is currently being produced. As the sole lead architect and productionhe was able . During the design Mr. Lagomarsino developmented of a set of standard 3D buildings in ADT 2005 to be used in the production of these repetitively produced facilities. This project was produced concurrently with the Ft Stewart Range and Ft Benning Range projects which enabled great production efficiencies to be introduced.

Mr Lagomarsino has perfected the efficency of the charrette process by leveraging technolgical programs like ADT 2005. Being able to show his clients the entire Urban Combat Town, has empowered the client to make educated decisions about the end results.

This view shows how ADT 2005 can give an enhanced visualization of what the "town" will look like before its build. Clients are very impressed with this tool.

This is from the 35% charrette meeting.

Typical Hotel 3D view

The use of Architectural Desktop allows the end user to make decisions like flipping a stair from a switch back to a straight run. These tools are powerful on the fly schematic development.


Typical Tower 3D view

3D development gave the designers the power to adapt standard facilities, and get buy-in from the end users on any modifications. Each of these views could be included in meeting minutes to obtain approval for slight variations from the standards necessary for training value.

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