Merrick and Company

Ft. Stewart Range, Savannah Georgia

Project Description


Mr. Lagomarsino was the Lead Architect for the $25 million Ft Stewart Range thru 35% charrette. During the design Mr. Lagomarsino developmented of a set of standard 3D buildings to be used in the the site plan. The project was shifted to the Atlanta office due to a company reorganization. This project is being produced concurrently with the Ft Benning and PAARNG projects which enabled great production efficiencies to be introduced.

Mr Lagomarsino built on the need to perfect the charrette process with ADT 2005. On the third go around,of this process, PAARNG Range, he was able to have the entire 3D site with all the buildings in the 1391 as early as the charrette meeting.


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