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Holloman AFB Fire Station 2

Project Description


Mr. Lagomarsino was the Project Architect for the Holloman Fire Stations

This 11,000 square foot facility was designed in conjunction with two other facilities using 2003 Dollars. An innovative approach using simple forms but outside the box was used. Air Force Standard designs were used to support the materials pallette. A curved form alludes to a parti based on the delivery form of water: a hose, which is cylindrical. Certain walls angled which were dervied from the industrial design of the end of a fire hose. Only Fire Station One was able to keep the curved roofs in its linguistic form. Most of the three buildings kept the angled walls. This building in its entirety was put on the table as an alternate in order to bring even the most basic of designs in under budget and thus much of the design play was left out. Only certain cues to the other buildings were put in plan. ACC enjoys the freshness of design outside the box.



This Station was too close to the runway using the 1:7 rule to accommodate clerestories.

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